1.5 Million New Outlook.com Users

A fine Outlook

This Monday marked the grand opening of the Microsoft email service Outlook.com. Forbes reports that in the first 12 hours of the launch over 1.5 million new users signed up for the email service and that does not take into account the invitation emails sent later on to Hotmail users.

The new Metro inspired email service is meant to replace the outdated Hotmail and Live email services. Outlook was launched last summer as a beta and had appealed to many users with its minimalistic design and clutter free menus. With the new design came some new features, Outlook brought with it some of Windows 8’s services together in a neat little package. Skype, Skydrive, People, Calendar, and Messaging apps were basically integrated into the new modern email service making for a good excuse to update to the new service.

Disappointingly, the Calendar app still links to the old Hotmail calendar leaving a bitter taste from the past in the new Outlook experience.

Shortcomings aside, Forbes has given Outlook the tittle of “the world’s fastest growing email service, going from 0 to more than 60 million customers in just 6 months.”. So have you given Outlook a try? Tell us below your experience with it and remember to like and follow the Redmond Post.