2 Million Lumia Devices Sold; Nokia Lowers Quarter Expectations

Nokia has released some information before its quarterly financial summary and there are some actual hard numbers to go by. The company has stated that the Lumia series of phones released through select parts of the world have amassed a total of 2 million devices sold. Not a shabby amount, which probably helped the company to be the defacto number 1 OEM on the Windows Phone platform.

Good news for sure, even when considering that the Lumia range hasn’t even reached all potential regions and countries which should help solidify its hold on its WP market share once it does. However, as a whole, Nokia has reduced it’s quarterly prediction by 3% from breaking even, which might damper the notion that the company is turning around its fortunes. Most of that drop off came from those same emerging markets that are the bread and butter for Nokia.

Although it wasn’t a slam dunk, the range is performing well, and those sales figures won’t include the new phones emerging from China and sales of the newly released Lumia 900 in the US. With the momentum that can be gathered from the Lumia 900 launch on AT&T and Rogers in Canada, and with word that sales of the new device were better than expected, the next time we do hear a financial report from Nokia it could actually be on a positive note.