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Alpha Jax Makes its Xbox Live Debut

If you happen to miss it, AlphaJax was scheduled to appear as an Xbox Live Arcade game for Windows Phone last week. That day came and went without any sight of the game hitting the Microsoft Store. Well, it appears that things have panned out and now the game is available for download from the Store.

A little history, AlphaJax was an original game launched in the early days of Windows Phone 7. The Scrabble-like game was an instant hit, and it went on to win some awards for its design. Two years later, and that aplomb has gotten them recognized by Microsoft and allowed to be included in the sought after designation of an Xbox Live game.

The title is free and offers new features integrated with Xbox Live connectivity with Avatar, leaderboard and personal stat support. The game also has 200 Achievements to be had if you so wish to pursue them. You can download the game from the Microsoft Store here.

We will have a review up of AlphaJax shortly after we’ve put some time into the game.