Are You Feeling “Blue”?



What does this code name “Windows Blue” mean to me? I want to dig into it but I tend to steer away when information is released in this fashion. As it becomes more “official” I’ll dig in deeper. This is partly out of respect and in part I’m simply tired of how some tech writers (and their commenters) tear things apart at times. But hey, I guess that’s what makes this fun! In the mean time I like to ponder on it and turn my own perspective. For me “Blue” is a continued effort to work closer to a vision. Over the years that I’ve worked in the Microsoft space I’ve observed the wheels in motion with many of their products. Services come and go, product families are short lived and some are dead on arrival. Through it all Microsoft learns from their mistakes and continues in a forward looking direction.

Abstraction at the core OS with continued focus on backend cloud service integration to the OS is key. This continued abstraction has many benefits. It will simplify the core OS deployed allowing for release cycles that are more frequent and predictable. In addition to release cycles that are more frequent we’ll also see the simplified core OS now supporting a broader range of hardware platforms from phones to tablets to laptops to large 80 inch touch screens.

I’m feeling “Blue” and absolutely looking forward to the continued updates, improvements and more hardware choices to flood the market!