Avatar Legend of Korra Free on Xbox and PC


Here is a short and simple tutorial on how to get the first episode of Avatar Legend of Korra free on Xbox and PC.

On Xbox

Step 1: Sign in to Xbox Live

Step 2: Go to the Zune Videos app

Step 3: There is a free section on the Zune app

Step 4: There are several Avatar Legend of Korra related items but the 1st episode should be free.

Step 5: Enjoy the free episode by streaming it to Xbox or downloading it.


Step 1: Download the Zune software if you don’t have it yet (Which every Xbox owner Should!)

Step 2: If you sign in using the same E-mail address you use for your Xbox account they should link up and share content. If you don’t have a Xbox go to step 4.

Step 3: If you already own the episode on your Xbox it will automatically show up on the Zune software.

Step 4 : If you don’t have a Xbox just search the episodes on the Zune software for PC. In the Video marketplace the promotion should show up and give you the option to download or stream the first episode.

Step 5: enjoy

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