Bing Desktop Beta

Bing Desktop's Search BoxJust a few days ago, Bing Desktop Beta was released. Bing Desktop is a simple piece of software that automatically makes Bing’s homepage photo your desktop background. In addition to this, you get a neat little search box on your desktop for convenience. By default, this is placed at the center of the screen, but there’s a setting to pin it to the top of the screen as well. Optionally, you can also use Windows+H to show or hide the search box.


In order to install, you need some version of Windows 7. If you have anything else, I’m sorry to tell you this, but you can’t get Bing Desktop. If you do have Windows 7 and you want this software, you can get it from Microsoft here.

Bing Desktop Finished InstallingAfter you’ve finished installing Bing Desktop, you are presented with the option to either enable or disable automatically changing you desktop wallpaper to Bing’s homepage picture. I don’t know why you’d install this and not want that enabled, since you’d be missing out on all of Bing’s lovely images!

After that’s all taken care of, say hello to your fresh new desktop. Your wallpaper is changed immediately and that Bing Desktop search box is then present.

How many of you are going to install this now? Let us know!

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