Bing Finally Updates its Look; Still not Complete

Microsoft promised a few years ago on a new Bing design. One complete with html transitions and the new Metro style that is currently found throughout most other Microsoft products. Although we are not currently looking at the complete design change the new search results page looks a lot better than the previous. The new design is only available to those living in the United States at this time but will hopefully roll out to the rest of the world soon.

This page was being beta tested by random Bing users and a new homepage was also demonstrated for a while. I had the pleasure of using it myself in two different occasions. The first new homepage I encounters last year had tiles with solid colors and opacity while the newer version I just recently used had transparent tiles along with the ability to hide them, which comes in handy when you don’t want to see tiles with news on politics (which happened often!). Check out a few screen shots below.

Previously Microsoft added a few changes to the Bing maps such as 3d buildings, mall maps, Linked Pages, and more. It looks as though Microsoft might slowly add features and not make the big change all at once. That might be a brilliant idea considering that people don’t like change. What do you guys think of the new search results design.