Bing It On: New Blind Search Engine by Microsoft

It wasn’t until I did a few blind searches that I switched to Bing as my primary search engine. At the time, the biggest one was BlindSearch. It showed only the results of three different engines- Bing, Google, and Yahoo, of the user’s search query. The user could then choose a favorite and the victor was only then revealed.

Just within the last week, Microsoft made their own blind search engine. This one, called Bing It On, only compares the results of Google and Bing. However, the biggest difference between the two blind search tests is that Bing It On has five rounds. Each round the user types in a new query and chooses the better results. Once the five rounds are completed, the user is presented with a screen that shows which engine won.

If you’re still using Google, you should probably try a blind search to see what you are missing.Bing It On Screenshot