Bing Maps gets a Huge Update

Bing has announced several new features for its Bing Maps which should be live now.

The first of the new improvements is easier use of the venue maps. Venue maps allow you to see locations inside of businesses a quick example would be having the ability to see stores inside of a mall . This feature has been present to Windows Phone users and Bing Maps users for quite sometime but the improvements should allow people to discover it easier. All you have to do on Bing Maps in zoom in to a mall location or airport and it should show you stores within the location.

Only initially available in: United States, United Kingdom, Germany, and France.

Another feature for Bing Maps comes in the form of discovery. You can now zoom in on any city and see popular stores, tourist attractions., museums and many more locations. Those who are new to cities will find this really handy. Try using on your town you might find something you never knew. Clicking on the local of your choice will bring up more information.

Only initially available in: United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, France, and Germany

Last but not least Bing Maps now has 3d rendering of buildings. Just use the Bing Maps on a Metropolitan are and it should show a 3d rendered building. The silhouettes of the buildings should be the same as the one it is portraying meaning it should be fairly accurate to the building in real life. A quick mention should also be given to the new improvement in Zoom for the maps. Just click on a headline on the map like the city name or the name of a park. They serve as shortcuts to reach the location you are seeking.

The Zoom in feature should be available in all markets except Japan. The 3d maps are only supported in the United States and select cities in the United Kingdom, Canada and France.

Seeing as how some of these features are already available on Windows Phone don’t be surprised to see 3d maps come to the mobile space soon.