Bing’s Next Big Thing

There are going to be some changes on Bing. Big changes, like being completely redesigned. These renovations are suspected to be fueled by modifications Google made a short while ago. So what exactly are these “big changes?” I’m glad you asked. For starters, it’s going to have a noticeable increase in Facebook integration. That is similar to the Google+ The integration that Google has had for quite some time now. One of the biggest ways Facebook is used in the new redesign is within the brand-new sidebar. For example, when searching something, Bing will bring up people who may know something about what your searching within the sidebar. Using this, users can more easily get advice about something from the right friend. In addition to the sidebar, there are two other features new to the redesigned Bing. Snapshot is one of the two, and it’s meant to display useful information based on the search query. You will no longer be presented pages with nothing but links and descriptions. Lastly, web results are being improved. Searching the web will be quicker, cleaner, and more relevant.


Although I didn’t like these ideas right away, after taking a better look at it I’ve decided that I personally like the direction this “new Bing” is going. What do you think? Too much social integration and not enough privacy? Or do you think that these new features will enhance Bing as a search engine? Leave a comment!