Canadian music Marketplace: upcoming reality or momentary error?

I am currently running the Windows Phone Mango Developer Beta 2 refresh build, and in order to do so I’ve had to download the beta Zune software version 4.8.2098.0

My Canadian account linked to my main e-mail and Xbox Live Gamertag and Zune username, is one that I have linked to my phone and so I have been using it lately while uncovering all the Mango juice. So as I am doing a routine clean-up of my music library, I clicked onto the Marketplace as I sometimes do in hopes of finding something on sale and to my surprise, the option for music and podcasts appeared along with videos and apps.

Double and triple checking that my locale was in fact, Canada

Obviously it goes without saying: mind blown. My excitement was somewhat extinguished to discover that there was no actual content in the music or podcast sections. But things like categories, “Top Songs,” and other framework items were visible.

Unfortunately trying to link from an artist via the “more about this artist” method proved unsuccessful as an error message was received telling me that the artist no longer existed in the marketplace. Leaving the conclusion that the Canadian Zune music Marketplace was a temporary mirage.

You can see in the screenshot that I initially checked at 11:43 pm EST (good time for a network test, eh?). But checking now yields the same as it always has with just the options for videos and apps.

The question is: was it a test to see how the new features would mesh into the beta software? Or was this just some fluke happening somewhere between here and Redmond?

Here’s hoping we will see the Zune music Marketplace finally come to Canada – and all you other neglected countries as well – on or around the release of Mango this fall.

How about you? Had any mysterious Marketplace changes in your area? Let us know below!