Changes to SkyDrive Storage Applied Today

Changes to SkyDrive make it a great competitorRecently, Microsoft has made a number of changes to its SkyDrive service. These changes were obviously made to compete with other cloud storage devices. One apparent change is SkyDrive storage space. New SkyDrive members will be given seven gigabytes of storage space, which is more space than what you get on iCloud, Google, and Dropbox. Existing members can get back the full 25 gigabytes that was previously given to them. Why was the storage limit reduced? Probably to prepare for a large sum of new customers. And with the arrival of the new SkyDrive desktop application, it makes perfect sense. This piece of software allows users to access their SkyDrive within Windows explorer in Windows 8, Windows 7, and Windows Vista. This makes uploading files to SkyDrive and accessing files from SkyDrive offline much easier. Lastly, earlier this week there was an update for the SkyDrive mobile app that increased its functionality.

So, for all of you using an alternative to Skydrive… are you eager to switch now? Leave a comment!