Charging Ahead: Ready for MWC 2013?




With MWC 2013 (Mobile World Congress) just around the corner starting February 25th – 28th, I find myself patiently waiting for the exciting news about the mobile industry, all sorts of good stuff to be announced I’m sure! I really hope to see lots of great new product concepts and announcements from the realm of Microsoft and its partners.

One rumor that caught my interest recently has to do with Sunpartner Group, developer of a technology that can transform essentially any medium into a surface which can produce energy. Sunpartner is expected to have a presence at MWC 2013 this year as indicated by the banner on their website which simply reads “Meet SYSIPS at MWC 2103 in Barcelona”. The thought of mobile devices with integrated photovoltaic charging capabilities is pretty neat and in all honesty makes loads of sense these days.

It sure would be great when we “Meet SYSIPS at MWC 2013 in Barcelona” that it takes place hand in hand with a Nokia concept device. How sweet would that be? I guess we’ll have to wait and see! Counting the days. Cheers.

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