Custom ringtones now possible with ChevronWP7

ChevronWP7 — the Windows Phone 7 jailbreak joint venture of Long Zheng, Chris Walsh, and Rafael Rivera — has now released a custom ringtones manager for Microsoft’s latest mobile operating system. Not having custom ringtones (even for pay ringtones) has been a common complaint from many users, well now, even though it may take a little work, it is possible.

Ringtones have to be in the WMA format at 48KHz as required by the OS…

Currently, to deploy the XAP you will have to use the Microsoft “Application Deployment” tool with the Windows Phone 7 Developer SDK. In the future, we hope to make available a standalone deployment solution for homebrew apps.

Read all about the custom ringtone manager and how to get started over at ChevronWP7’s blog post.