Customize Windows 8 with Custom Tiles Maker and Decor8

One of the coolest things about Windows 7 was having the ability to completely customize your home screen and change it to a completely different looking beast with a program like Rainmeter. Windows 8 RT brought with it some restrictions that made it so that you can only use the provided backgrounds. The fact that Windows 8 RT could not run legacy programs that everyone had used before meant that we would be restricted to apps from the Windows Store. Luckily for us Surface users there are still ways to add our own unique flare and style onto our Start Screens. Meet Custom Tiles Maker, an app which allows you to create custom tiles from images on your PC. With it you can decorate your start screen with tiled fragments of an image. You can download the app for free here. Most of the functions are unlockable through an in app purchase but you should be able to do plenty without the full purchase.

Custom Tiles Maker

Custom Tiles Maker 2

Also be sure to check out Decor8 an app that allows you to add your own background image to the Start Screen. Along with the background image, you also have the ability to change your color schemes and change how many tiles are present on your start screen. Here is the link for the Decor8 website. You can either get the free 30 day trial or buy the program for $4.99. Note: The Decor8 program will not run on Windows 8 RT. It is only available for regular old Windows 8. Thanks Sagemoon for the tip!

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