Cyber Monday Deal On T-Mobile: Free Lumia 810 & HTC 8X

Those of you shopping online for a good deal might want to head on over to for their Cyber Monday sales. Today you’ll have the option of getting either the Lumia 810 or HTC 8X for free on contract. Both phones, or course, come with Microsoft’s new OS, Windows Phone 8. While the HTC 8X is the most premium of the two, don’t disregard Nokia’s modest handset. With a plethora of free exclusive apps and the ability to swap out the shell for different colors and abilities (added NFC, wireless charging and hard shells) the Lumia 810 isn’t too shabby of a player.

The deal will end tonight, so if your itching to upgrade to a new phone or just looking to get into the Windows Phone 8 goodness, just head on over T-Mobile for contract specifics.

Source: Tmobile