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Dirty Things on Your Phone? Clean It Up!

It seems that everyone has dirty things on their phones. In fact, phone’s are so becoming so dirty lately, someone had the great idea of inventing PhoneSoap. This is a device that charges your phone and eliminates all of the bacteria that you have transferred to it during the day. Whenever you handle your phone, you transfer all the nasty bacteria that is on your hand to your phone. When you put the phone in your pocket, the bacteria thrive as your pocket is just warm enough to keep them going. So when you pull the phone out of your pocket again, you add even more bacteria from your hand to the petri dish you call your phone. So obviously this PhoneSoap is a great idea!

It works by charging your phone through a standard charging plug encapsulated within the device. Then, when the device is closed, it shines UV-C light on the phone essentially eliminating 99.9% of all bacteria present. The short wavelength of light penetrates the bacteria and interrupts the DNA, essentially killing the bacteria all together. This is the method that hospitals use to sterilize their tools so that they may be reused again safely.

Currently, this device is in the “Kickstarter” phase. The company looking to develop this device further is seeking an $18,000 contribution to get started. As of now, they are about half way to their goal. Rewards for contributions include the book “nail it then scale it” which apparently inspired the group to set out and start their business, preorders of their device, and laser etched limited editions of PhoneSoap. Check out the PhoneSoap Kickstarter, and if you think you could use one of these, go ahead and contribute! They only get your money if and only if they reach their goal.