Disney’s Castle of illusions Impressions


Disney’s recent release brings hope to more amazing games to come, I originally found this game while browsing the Windows Phone Store, and have heard generally favorable mentions about this game on other platforms. So this isn’t anything new for people on IOS, but for Windows Phone users, this is an excellent addition to the ever growing library of games we have available. This game isn’t perfect at initial release, there are a few issues that need to be addressed, but they won’t really be a deal-breaker. My first issue is the screen time out when viewing the cut scenes, it really broke my immersion into the game on initial play through. To prevent this from happening, you need to press the volume key to keep the screen from timing out. Another thing is that this game should have been released with achievements, especially since there is such a vast amount of secret areas and opportunity for achievements and completionists like myself would really appreciate being able to brag about getting every little thing unlocked in the game. There are a few graphical inconsistencies, but that is probably due to the game being a port, however the game looks amazing on the 1520’s screen, so I recommend you give it a whirl if you have a device that has 1 GB of ram. One last thing for those who are interested in Castle of Illusions, the game will put you back 9.99 USD which is pricey for a mobile game. One can argue that high quality games should have a high quality price tag, but that’s up for debate. Below is my impression video with the first 12 minutes of gameplay:

If your interested in downloading the game you can find it here on the Windows Phone Store:

Let us know if you think the game is worth it in the comments!