Don Mattrick: Of Submarines and Offline Play


If you haven’t heard yet, the head of Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment Business doesn’t want you to upgrade to their new system. That is provided that you happen to be living in a submarine…or want any kind of offline gaming whatsoever. In the light of news that the new Xbox One console will need a constant online connection by no less than 24-hours at a time to run properly, the public push-back of such a move has been critical. Don Mattrick, speaking to Game Trailers stated that those looking for an offline option should simply buy an Xbox360 (or keep their current one).

With the public thrashing that the Xbox team has been experiencing over these, in my opinion, extreme restrictive features, the worst thing that Don Mattrick could have said was to keep those potential customers at bay by declaring that the Xbox One is not their console of choice. To me, that just plays straight into Sony’s hands and it just begs those unfortunate gamers without a reliable connection to look at the PS4 as a viable and (at this point) appealing alternative.

Don also points out that to truly understand the future of the system and the reasons behind these new features, people sitting on the fence would just have to “see it for themselves.” With such nebulous comments behind a core element of the public outrage, some deeper clarification should be needed to instill some public confidence in the product. As of now, it seems that Microsoft and Don Mattrick should take a hint and start explaining what the benefits of such radical moves are.

Here’s hoping they can fully explain their reasoning behind a constant online connection and a restrictive DRM policy regarding physical discs. Otherwise, it could be a tough slog going forward towards launch day.