Double Whammy: Windows Phone 7.5 Tango Devices Lose Skype Support

Seems that Nokia might have spoken too soon about that Skype app working on their Lumia 610 hardware. Apparently, there is a fine limit to how well those 256MB Tango devices can actually perform. Today, Nokia China has decided to pull the Skype app from the marketplace for low-end devices stating that the integrity and functionality of the app doesn’t meet the standards that they would like it to be.

They say:

Nokia values the user experience provided by its products and services. Therefore, although the Skype Windows Phone version is workable on Nokia Lumia 610, after in-depth testing, we found that the user experience is not up to par with Nokia and Skype’s expectation and decided not recommending users using Skype on Nokia Lumia 610. In the future, users of Nokia Lumia 610 would no longer be able to download Skype Windows Phone version from Window Phone Marketplace. However, Skype Windows Phone version would still be available for other users.

It’s tough to see this happening, specially when Nokia sort of dismissed Skype’s programmers claims that their app wouldn’t function correctly on such low-end devices. Now that Nokia has to retract and pull the app from the Chinese marketplace, there could be some fallout regarding the functionality of Tango devices. That’s one less bullet point that Nokia and other OEM’s can use to sway customers to their Tango devices. Here’s hoping that more fiddling under the hood can bring back the app to China’s marketplace.