EA Begins Work on Next Gen Xbox Game Developing

New rumors are surfacing that EA has a build of the new Xbox due out in 2-3 years. The rumors are consistent in stating that this is a majorly prototypical build, housed in an old PC case. There is no mention about the contents of the case, or any other specific hardware names or capacities. For all we know, it could be an old case with “Xbox 2” written on the side of it. There has been a steady flow of an additional rumor citing that, this new Xbox has increased Kinect capabilities. What this glittering generality actually means, who knows? There has still currently been no confirmation that something will be shown at E3 besides a new Wii console. There are some key reasons why we should believe that EA has a new console:

  1. Microsoft is the best when it comes to viral marketing. They are most likely intentionally leaking this info to take steam out of Nintendo’s hurdling train, just before E3.
  2. Recent job postings on the Xbox website are consistent with this news. Microsoft is currently seeking employees who are “responsible for defining and delivering next generation console architectures from conception through implementation.”

What do you think? Just an elaborate hoax or an ingenious marketing ploy? Comment below.