Facebook Advertises Bing On a Large Scale

Facebook has had advertisements on its website for quite a while and it is its main source of revenue combined with Facebook credits. Today I noticed something different on my log out of the website. Bing is being advertised, and in a good way I might add. Bing pictures are one of Bing’s greatest attraction for any user and unlike other annoying intrusive ads, a Bing picture can actually make your day.

Microsoft owns a small stake of Facebook and Bing currently powers Facebook’s search. Together Facebook and Bing can cause some serious damage to the competition. One example would be Google+. Google+ is Google’s reaction to Facebook. In order to combat the emerging social network, both Bing and Facebook could take a bite out of Google’s search engine abilities by cutting off would be searchers at the Facebook gate. In turn this would allow Bing and Facebook to collect all the ad revenue it generates instead of Google.

People call Google a search giant but I like to think of them as an ad company. That is their main source of revenue. The ads on Google, Gmail, and Youtube are all targeted by your search history and what’s worst is that Google’s latest search policy will combine all of your information into one entity so that it can know everything about you. European regulators have criticized Google’s latest antics, so has the U.S. government.

The second example on how Microsoft can combat Google is with the amount of exposure they are getting through the millions of views on the Facebook site. Millions of people go on Facebook daily and seeing an attractive looking image might persuade people into setting Bing as their homepage.

Bing has recently overtaken Yahoo in search and is now the United States second most used search engine. It will be a huge up hill battle but maybe someday Bing will become number one.

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