Facebook Home might make its way to Windows Phone

Facebook Home is the hotly anticipated Facebook launcher for Android handsets. On Thursday April 4th Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg revealed the new Facebook experience which basically turns your phone into a “Facebook Phone”. The launcher puts all of Facebook’s functions front and center in the palm of your hand. Instead of your phone revolving around apps, Zuckerburg described the new experience as being “people centric”. The new Facebook experience will launch exclusively on Android devices April 12 and will get monthly updates that will bring forth new features.

In an interview with Engadget, Zuckerburg was questioned about whether Facebook Home would ever go multiplatform and support iOS. Zuckerburg replied reluctantly and stated that Apple maintains a “closed” ecosystem and that a Facebook Home app would be highly unlikely due to the fact that Apple would want to have creative control over the experience, Google on the other hand, has no oversight on the development of Facebook Home making it a better choice. Zuckerburg also went on to mention that a Facebook Home experience is more likely to be available on Microsoft’s Windows Phone OS going as far to say Windows Phone is “somewhere in between” due to the licenses involved.

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