Future Nokia Phone Concept Leaked; Looks Like Half a Batwing

If the Nokia Lumia 900 is the pinnacle of Windows Phone devices, then this could be is antithesis. Or at least a true departure from what we are accustomed. Early today, mynokiablog.com, via AndroSym, released what is reported as leaked images suggesting a rather peculiar hardware design we aren’t used to from Nokia.

The image showcases a curved device, concave if you will, and a huge camera lens protruding from the back, presumably part of the Nokia PureView camera system that was just announced at WMC this year. The device, as in the pictures above, also has a good selection of colors from the standard black, if you like neon-like colors that is.

Specs wise, the device is set to have some interesting innards, more akin to Apollo devices. With a dual-core processor with Adreno 320 GPU, 41MP camera able to shoot 1080p video, and curved glass with HD resolution, this is bound to be a cool new toy to play with. Of course, this could all be a giant hoax as well or just internal projects to see what they can do, but even if this never to be seen by the consumer eye, it’s nice to see Nokia trying different things for the sake of creating an interesting device that defies convention.

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