Google regains market share lost from Bing

Last month, Google took a slight hit in market share as it fell from a massive 66.1 % to a still massive 65.2 % from November of last year to July of this year. All the while Google was dropping slightly, Bing was picking up a lot of slack by growing from 11.8% to 14.4% from November to July. Before Microsoft could celebrate its gains, Google, Yahoo, AOL (yes, America Online from when dinosaurs used computers), and Ask all experienced slight increases in market share at Bing’s expense this last month. Bing slipped from 14.14% to 13.39% from July to the beginning of August. AOL’s recent purchase of the Huffington Post may be helping the ex-internet giant in their attempt at a rebrand. Whatever they are doing, I’m sure they are going to keep doing it because despite their slight gain in search marketshare, it actually shows a huge gain in revenues that AOL has not seen in quite some time.

Yahoo mail has always been successful and always a huge draw to its front page. Yahoo has effectively positioned itself out of the way of Google to become a very user friendly topic specific search engine. Set up two computers, and try to find movie times, prices, and locations for a movie that you want to see on both Google and Yahoo. Yahoo is the undisputed winner when it comes to things of this nature, and has done right in moving out of the way of Google and becoming its own item.

Contrary to what the last Zunited podcast would have you believe, it is very unlikely that Bing, in its current form, will ever be extremely successful. Bing has made great strides of integrating itself into several websites, but Bing has been lacking in bringing something new to the game. Bing is doing what Google has had perfected for many many years. As long as it is sitting in front of Google, it will be mowed over every day of the week. It will take a lot more than clever marketing to make huge gains on Google in the search engine market. Let’s see what happens to Bing and if any, what innovations are made to make it the best place to go to get the information from the web.