Halo 4 Campaign, Wargames,SpartanOps, And Enemies Revealed

Some new info has emerged on the Halo 4 game types. The official Xbox website has listings of the new game types which include Campaign,Spartan Ops and War Games. The name of the new enimies in the gameplay revealed today are the Promethean Crawler, Promethean Knight, and Promethean Watcher. Also at E3 new added functionality has emerged from Xbox SmartGlass, the new way for tablets, phones and other devices to interact with your Xbox Games, like Halo, and Movies. Check out the info below or go directly to the site for more info.


Four years after the end of the Covenant War, Cortana and the Master Chief find themselves on Requiem, home to a power far greater than anything humanity has ever faced before.

In campaign mode, you’ll play as the Master Chief, fighting through enemies, both new and familiar, to uncover secrets one hundred thousand years old. Stranded on a distant world with an AI as your only ally, it’s up to you to make it out alive.

War Games

This revolutionary battle simulation system is where Spartans go to hone their skills in combat. Through holographic technology and vast pneumatic riser fields, the War Games facility is transformed into a hyper-realistic battlefield, simulating both real and hypothetical combat arenas. Moderated by the War Games AI, Spartans engage in a variety of classic and new gametypes.

Spartan Ops

Spartan Ops represents a watershed moment of immersive, story-driven cooperative gameplay delivered in addictive, bite-sized episodic pieces. Spartan Ops episodes run the course of a season, providing epic gameplay experiences driven by the powerful stories of the Spartans aboard Infinity, as they encounter the hostile alien world of Requiem. Spartan Ops will extend the Halo 4 experience long after the campaign is over.