How to stop Windows 8 from switching apps on its own

Windows 8 comes in a variety of form factors; some good, some not as good. If you haven’t noticed by now the new Modern designed user interface is best used with a touchscreen. Sure you can use a mouse and keyboard with the new Start Screen but it isn’t as fun. Laptops users in the other hand are going to face some more difficult challenges in their Windows 8 experience.

Many new Windows 8 adopters are facing a dilemma that once infuriated me as well. Laptop users have to deal with the gestures on their laptop’s touchpad. Having the added gestures is unnecessary and it really makes me wonder what Microsoft was thinking, I mean you already have many different ways to reach the Charms Bar and switch apps on the fly, why have more? The issue with the gestures is that there is little to no space on your touch pad as it is. People are accidentally hitting the gestures to switch to the last app by swiping in from the left edge. Not having this feature present on previous versions of Windows, PC users are getting upset that their new computer is acting so wild. It really make for a terrible computing experience when you are hard at work editing a document and then your web browser opens up because of a misplaced swipe on your laptop’s touchpad.

In order to combat these frustrating moments we have provided you with these steps below on how to disable this feature.

  1. First open up your Charms Bar by going to the top right or bottom right corners of your screen.
  2. Then hit the Settings button.
  3. Next hit Change PC Settings.
  4. In the General Tab you will see the option to turn off App Switching when you swipe from the left corner of the Screen.
  5. Disable it and you are done!

Note: Do not disable theAllow Switching Between Recent Appsleave that as it is or you will lose the ability to have multiple apps running.

App Switching