How Xbox can win in a Wii 2 market

The next Nintendo Wii is expected to be released sometime next year, and we are looking forward to a much anticipated premiere at E3 this year. But if we look ahead to when the other console giants, Sony PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox, they aren’t due until two years after the new Wii launches. Advancements in computer graphics and processing ability have come a very long way since the Xbox 360, Wii, and Playstation 3 have come out, so we can expect nothing less than astonishing upon their updated release in the near future. But with the Wii releasing itself so far ahead of its competition, it will be very hard for the other giants to step up.

Let’s first discuss how the Wii 2 will impact the video gaming market upon its release. Nintendo has always been a company which strives to provide the most fun and entertaining gaming experience for children and families with children. It is hard to look back and find a solid not-for-children game for the Nintendo Wii. The closest thing that I can think of is the awesome Resident Evil 4, but when you compare that to the Halos and the Call of Dutys and the Gears of Wars and the Kill Zones, it is really hard for the Wii to appeal to older, hardcore gamers. This fact, however, in the past, has never really put a damper on the Wii’s overall ability to be fun and playable and sell out.

Once commercials for the video capabilities of the Wii start airing on primetime television where families are usually gathered around, they will notice that things have changed quite a bit. The graphics and shading are expected to be nothing less than outstanding, and the quality and innovation to be groundbreaking, and if this is true, these families will look at their old Wii with shameful eyes. By the Christmas after the release, just about every household with children playing the original Wii console will instead be playing the new and improved Wii 2. By the time we see another Xbox or Playstation, the parents of these wanting children will turn them down because they had just spent $400 – 250 on a brand new console. Because of this, Nintendo should count this market as money in the bank.

Because it seems like Nintendo’s momentary monopoly will sweep households across the nation, this is the perfect time for them to pounce on the hardcore gaming market. Of course the Wii 2 specs will blow the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3 out of the water, and this fact alone won’t turn any of the committed Sony and Microsoft gaming junkies over to Nintendo, but it will catch their attention. After the launch would be the perfect time for the Wii to show off their new breakout shooter game that has amazing online multiplayer options with a very creative interface that will distinguish this new title from the Halos and Call of Dutys of the past. It must be prolific enough to be worth the cost of both the Wii 2 and the game together (bundle anyone?). Another key factor to consider is that once the new consoles for Xbox and Playstation begin rearing their heads, the latest and greatest Wii platform will be ready for a price cut. For the hardcore gamers of the college student variety who were on the fence about the Wii 2 can’t help but notice that the newest Wii is sitting right next to the newest gaming consoles with big names on them, the only difference is that the two price tags have a $200 – 300 difference. The Wii is putting itself in the perfect position to win this next console war with a powerful pre-emptive strike. So the question remains, how do you win in this type of environment?

The Xbox 360 is a hardcore gamers dream of a console. It has all of the biggest titles and developers are constantly raising the bar with even more fast paced and multi player savvy games. For Microsoft, the heartbreak that will ensue from watching the Wii erect its flags of victory over Xbox homes across america for 2 years will be devastating. For the two years that these dedicated Xbox gamers will be waiting, they will be expecting 2 years worth of extreme innovations and massive overhauls of the old system. They will be looking for a good reason to wipe the dust off of their Kinects and start creating dust on their old console. The expectations will be huge, and if the newest system doesn’t deliver, there won’t be any hesitation to pay less for a better product. I believe that Nintendo’s short dominance will create a “rally around the flag” effect for the hardware developers and the R&D department. This will cause a massive amount of brain power to be used for revolution and invention. If Microsoft releases a product that is similar to their current product, they will lose out in the battle for supply and demand. Considering the way that microsoft has been opening its wallet lately for other companies such as Skype and Nokia (and attempt at Yahoo), there is no margin for error or massive losses. Microsoft will have no choice but to do better than their best to dethrone the Nintendo.