Update: HTC Titan III Appears on a Xbox Survey

[Update: Well all that excitement was for naught. Microsoft has indeed contacted WPCentral.com and admitted an erroneous typo was present on the survey and in no way is HTC creating a third iteration of the Titan series. File that under bummer.]

If you happen to be a Xbox Live Rewards member, you know the monthly survey can earn you 20 Microsoft Points. While most of the time these surveys ask you to rate different services from Microsoft competitors, they rarely leak information about future products or services. While this is mostly true, this month’s survey actually revealed a tidbit of information about the third iteration of the HTC Titan series.

Around the middle portion of the survey, questions about different phones ranging from Apple’s iPhone 5 to several Android handsets, one question asked how excited one would be if the HTC Titan III was given as a holiday gift.

As of now, HTC has made no announcements about a proposed Titan III Windows Phone handset. While they are currently giving focus to the HTC Windows Phone 8X as its flagship device, there will come a time when they’ll have to release new hardware. What that device is, nobody knows.

Now, even though we would very much want a new HTC Titan III to come to market, a market that is largely devoid of 4.7-inch screens (Samsung’s Ativ S is yet to appear on shelves until mid-December), an HTC large screen device would help fill that void.

Are we convinced that a new device is definitely coming by way of this survey? Not so. For one, this is just a survey. Microsoft and HTC might be trying to gauge public enthusiasm of a Titan III compared to other phones. The Titan brand does come with some relative features, i.e. large screen, high pixel camera and solid build quality. However, how that brand could compete with the well received 8X might temper Microsoft’s and HTC’s re-introduction of another flagship phone into the market. They might not want to disrupt themselves at a critical time when the HTC’s 8X is doing well.

Second, the HTC Titan’s successor, The Titan II, got absolutely trounced by the Nokia Lumia 900 when it went on sale. Nokia took the Windows Phone marketshare by storm (however small it was compared to iOS and Android) and in a few short months overtook HTC and Samsung as the defacto leaders. HTC might not be interested in bringing up a failed phone brand to market while it has a new vision and general success with its new 8X and 8S Windows Phone 8 devices.

That isn’t to say the Titan III is dead. HTC’s next smartphone might not be Titan branded, but a new *X phone in the vein of the original Titan. That wouldn’t be a bad thing considering how gorgeous and well crafted these new HTC devices are. Yet, HTC’s Titans are well regarded by those who actually purchased them. I myself own and like the device. With Microsoft’s new survey, they might be trying to see how well the Titan name is recognized and maybe capitalize on its recognition and acceptance.

To see and take the survey, you’ll have to sign up for Xbox Live Rewards.

What say you? Would you purchase a Windows Phone 8 HTC Titan III if it was available for purchase? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to add us on Twitter and Facebook.