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I Have “App ADD”

I have “app ADD.” What this means is I can never firmly choose which apps I wish to have permanently installed on my Windows Phone. You see friends, I am addicted to finding and trying new apps, deciding those new apps are better than my old apps and subsequently uninstalling my old apps in lieu of my new apps. I even have apps that find new apps that find new apps for me! This invariably leads to my eventually deciding that the new apps really are no better than the old apps. So I install new apps only to reinstall my old apps which, now, become my new apps. It’s a vicious circle of indecision and OCD. Yes, I have app ADD. So let’s take a look at a few of the gems I have located thus far during this obsession:

Mehdoh Twitter client. I have tried Birdsong, Seesmic, Rowi, Twitter, native Twitter, moTweets and a few others and I always come back to this app. It’s very good and it’s free.

Retweetly. I hate that Twitter ditched the option for people to see which of their Tweets have been retweeted. The lack of ability to clearly see this hurts my ego. This app solves this problem. All it does is exactly what it says, it shows you which of your tweets have been retweeted and by whom. It’s free.

My Starbucks Card. Dear Lord. Thank you for providing me with this .99 cent app that shows me my Starbucks card balance and generates a scannable barcode.

Untangle. This is a game whose goal is to untangle stuff. It’s stupid addictive and it is free.

RapDialer. This app fills the gap left by the default dialer. Basically it allows you to quickly do a realtimeT9 contact search. YAY! Oh yeah, it’s free.

Stop the Music. This app allows you remove the active song/podcast from the volume bar without rebooting your phone. Love it. Yup. It’s free too.

Please join me in celebrating app ADD! What gems have you found during your obsessive searching?