iHeartRadio coming in HD to Xbox LIVE ‘this holiday season’

Xbox is streaming the iHeartRadio Music Festival live in HD right now (and tomorrow night, or watch it online on their website) as it happens live in Vegas, Nevada, but during the performance there was an announcement of the music application’s availability on Xbox.

As reported by Elvis Duran (of Elvis Duran and the Morning Show) after Carrie Underwood’s performance, iHeartRadio will be making its way to Xbox “this holiday season” and it will be in HD (as in HD audio, we can only assume; iHeartRadio will not be converting to a video service as far as we know).

iHeartRadio is using the Music Festival to launch new services for its application. Previously, the application connected you with dozens of radio stations around the nation; it will now allow you to create custom playlists and stations by selecting certain artists or songs individually for free.

Not much more information is available beyond that since it was just announced.