I’m a Twit….

…a MetroTwit that is. We spend so much time on our mobile devices, often we neglect the need for really good native Windows apps. This is especially the case for Twitter. Like most people, I use the Twitter website which, for all intents and purposes, serves my needs. But then again does it? Actually not really and here is why: if I want to stoke my ego and see who is interacting with me or retweeting my posts, I have to click on @Connect and leave my primary feed. I like this not and neither do you which is why Tweetdeck was developed. But for some reason, it never really resonated with me. Well during my searches for the best Windows Phone Twitter app, I found the best Windows desktop app. It’s called MetroTwit and here is why it is so darn good.

  • It’s free
  • It has a simple and clean interface
  • It’s has a “Metro” feel to it
  • It supports infinite scrolling, URL shortening, previews, autocomplete for Usernames, notifications and multiple columns
  • It’s fastLists and multiple accounts are coming soon. So go ahead, be a Twit like me and check out MetroTwit. You won’t be sorry!