Incorrect date issue with new Calendar app for Zune HD: here’s the solution!

Zunited was one of the first to report of the new applications and updates to existing applications for the Zune HD just a couple of days ago. Among them was a long awaited calendar application, simply named Calendar, but it seems at least one user is having trouble displaying the correct date on theirs.

So, just in case anyone else is having issues with their respective calendar app, here’s the solution as recommended by a couple of other users:

A Zunited commenter, mysqueakycat, was having issues with his or her calendar application displaying the correct day — that is, it wasn’t displaying the correct date. The times were right but not the date.

Zunited commenter Btmann24 said the way to resolve the issue is by going into the Zune HD settings and changing the clock to a random time. Make sure to hit OK and confirm the time change. Then, you must go back into the settings and change it back to the correct time. That should fix it — and another user at Microsoft Answers offered the same solution — except that it didn’t exactly work in this case.

If that doesn’t work @ZuneSupport on Twitter recommends doing a complete wipe of the the firmware and content on the device and resync. That seemed to do the trick. It’s a bit unfortunate that you might have to erase everything to get the correct date, but that’s how these things go sometimes.

Happy calendaring!