Is Microsoft Creating a Cloud TV service?

In a recent jobs posting, it appears as though Microsoft is planning on creating a new cloud based TV service.

The new service will not be the first time Microsoft enters the realm of Hollywood. Microsoft acquired an internet TV company called Web TV which would later help build the first Xbox. The Web TV team would later dissolve and join other divisions within Microsoft, including MSN and the young Xbox team.

The fact that Microsoft is pursuing television programming is of no surprise. The original Xbox was intended to stop Sony’s grip in living room entertainment. Now that the Xbox is used more as an entertainment device television is the next step as can be seen with the current television apps from cable companies. Perhaps Microsoft can improve that experience somehow.

The Microsoft careers post can be seen below:

“Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment Business is revolutionizing entertainment. IEB has a rich set of entertainment offerings from Xbox 360, Xbox LIVE to Zune Marketplace and Mediaroom. Our customer base is growing fast and our pace of innovation has been incredible with our latest product Kinect selling over 10 million units since its launch in November of 2010.

We’re looking for a Software Engineering Manager who is passionate about leading a team that is building awesome client applications for a new Cloud-based TV platform.

Why work for the Cloud TV team? -Get in on the ground floor of an ambitious new project -Work on a small tightly-knit team -Follow Agile methodology to deliver results at web-speed -Use cutting edge technologies -Manage a team of brilliant engineers”