Is Microsoft’s Xbox Video Competing With Redbox?

With the release of Xbox Video and Windows 8, browsing video content is a breeze. One thing that caught my attention is the added discovery benefits of Windows 8. Using you PC you can easily browse and stream a video of you choice to your Xbox. The bigger benefit of the added screen in your living room is the ability to browse the bargains that are available on the Xbox Video store.

A quick look in the Xbox Video store shows off a few bargains Xbox owners could have missed. The Xbox Video store is now renting videos for a low price of $0.99 cents, the same price that a DVD goes for on Redbox, minus the fuel spent to get there. Now it should be mentioned that this deal is only available for new releases, also it may be a promotion tied to the release of Windows 8. This new pricing is great considering that the average price for renting any other movie is $4.49 . Another deal going on is the HBO bundle which includes 6 shows for $2.99. Never before have we seen deals like this on the Zune marketplace making Xbox Video already a great successor.

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