Is this a screenshot of Windows Phone Tango?

Windows Phone Tango first made rounds when DigiTimes reported it was the intermittent release between Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango) and Windows Phone 8 (Apollo). The 7.10.8200 build was then spotted being tested in the wild and rumors circulated that Tango would see Skype integration (a job posting yesterday confirms it’s coming, just not when) and exclusive-to-Nokia features.

A screenshot reported by WPCentral, posted below, seems to indicate that another feature coming to Tango is OS-wide content search. In other words, you can write an entry and Tango will search in all native facets of the phone to find what you’re looking for — Messaging, Facebook, Zune, and so on.

According to Pretaktovanie, the original source:

Content Search (Build 8200 Tango), it more or less works, first it’s finding content directly on the phone, and then on the web, the good thing is that Facebook pages work now (finally), i don’t know about twitter/LinkedIn, i haven’t them synced up, voice activated searching is also possible, similar function what iPhone has.