Japanese Windows Phone website confirms browser-based Marketplace

Something we here at Zunited have been a little wary of is that the different services on Windows Phone don’t exactly translate back to one single brand that can be identified easily. It seems Microsoft is looking for a solution to that problem as the Japanese version of the official Windows Phone website has “leaked” new features (to the site solely, mainly because the first Mango device is already on sale in Japan).

Japanese blog Nanapho has uncovered the new features, one of which is a list of your applications download history.

“You can reinstall apps and see your purchase history on the Account page of WindowsPhone.com,” the verbiage below the new feature headline reads. That description along with the availability of a Marketplace tab on the top of the webpage all but officially confirms that a browser-based Marketplace is going to become available with Mango.

The website will also try to aggregate other cloud services, including SkyDrive. “When you share pictures and video on SkyDrive, they’ll show up here,” it reads. The other new features include being able to see your documents from the Windows Phone website as well and tinkering with your Xbox LIVE avatar as well as looking at your gamer stats.

via WMPowerUser