Kinect Price Drop: Now only $109.99 in U.S.

For those of you still clinging to the ol’ game pad and dismissing the gesticulating goodness of Microsoft’s Kinect, there might be ample reason to pick one up now. Microsoft has reduced the pricing for the hands-free (or is that on-hands) motion sensor. Kinect for Xbox 360 can now be had for the mere price of $109.99 USD–a reduction of $20 bucks.

The reasons behind the price drop point to lower game console sales, and just the usual summer doldrums. The price reduction is a welcomed one, and one that should keep the Xbox 360 afloat the top of the sales charts. With the summer winding down and the slew of AAA titles coming in the next few months as game publishers release the onslaught of first rate titles upon us, there will be just a little bit more money in your pocket to pick up one of those games and a Kinect sensor. Not to mention that more people will be enjoying and familiarizing themselves to a controllerless type of interaction with their 360. That will clearly help things as the new dashboard update comes along in the fall.