Leak:Hotmail Gets a Major Redesign

Microsoft has finally learned a lesson that has haunted it for years: design! Hotmail was always one of those services that you wished was simpler and easier on the eyes. Finding simple account options currently is like putting a rat in a maze. Sure it has nice social features but unlike in England, messenger is just not that popular. Luckily Microsoft has been revamping most of it’s services and giving them the universal Metro design that can be found in most of their products.

Liveside reports that at the new service will be opt-in meaning you’ll have a choice to use it or stick to you old Hotmail address. The new Metro designed E-mail service¬†will also play friendly with some of the Windows 8 pre-installed apps like People, Calendar, and Skydrive. Over all it looks great, if anything it looks like the default Mail app on Windows 8 and that’s a good thing.

What do you Hotmail users think of the change? Leave the answer below and take a look at the screenshots.