Lenovo to release Windows Phone “second half of 2012”

It’s not often a leaked photo gets acknowledged positively by an OEM or that it receives anything more than: “Sorry, we cannot comment on future product releases.” Looks like the community caught a break with this interaction with Lenovo, though.

Last month photos of a Lenovo Windows Phone were leaked on winphonexap.com and were referred to as the“S2.”


It seems as if Lenovo has confirmed this phone as being legit in an [translated link] interview with iMobile on Tuesday.

Lenovo LePhone Product Manager, Yue Chen added that they have a “clear release schedule” which will see the phone released in the second half of 2012. This falls nicely along Microsoft’s timeline to give China a piece of the Windows Phone action in early 2012 – complete with marketplace.


Lenovo is reportedly working on a CDMA version of the phone which (hopefully) means that these will also be on the North American networks. Lenovo has a long-standing reputation of fantastic build quality and strong dedication to Microsoft as a whole. It will be certainly be exciting to see how these will sell as a possible flagship phone in the Chinese market as well as another contender in domestic markets.



Source: winphonexap.com

Image credit: winphonexap.com