Lumia 710 Sold at Costco for a penny; Free at Wal-Mart Wireless

If you’ve been looking to get into the T-mobile bandwagon to get your hands on a new Nokia 710, well you’re in luck. Walmart Wireless is having a special where you can obtain the Lumia 710 for free under a new 2-year contract and data plan with the magenta network. The handset is available now and you have your choice of color, black or white. If you are a returning customer with an upgrade, the price jumps slightly to the $50 price tag. Exactly as what you’d find at regular T-mobile stores.

Over at Costco, the Nokia 710 will also be available under the ridiculous price of a penny, also to a new 2-year contract and data plan for T-mobile.

With the Nokia Lumia 710 only a week old in the US market, it’s tough for the early adopters who already bought the device with T-mobile at $50 last week. Either way, the push to get Windows Phones into the hands of customers at such ridiculous prices so early in its life cycle is interesting. We’ll see in the coming weeks if the sale continues, or if this is just a small offer to ride the success and buzz created by Nokia at CES this year.

Comment below on your thoughts, or if you were one of the early adopters to buy the phone before these discounts were offered.