Lumia 900 Update Out in the Wild, Fixes Data Connection Issues

It was a shame that there were a couple of difficult experiences after the Nokia Lumia 900 was released last Sunday. What with being released on Easter with many stores closed during the day, and with news of the dreaded data connection bug affecting some new owners, it’s good to know that Nokia has been able to rectify the later quite quickly.

Today, Nokia and AT&T have released the update (OS Version 7.10.8112.7 & Firmware revision number 2175.1002.8112.12084) to unsuspecting owners of the new hero device. The update was scheduled to be released on Monday the 16th, but through the good graces and diligent work of Nokia, the update is available now and ready to download. It is great to see Nokia and AT&T work out the kinks quickly and trying to rectify the problem ASAP which helps keep the momentum of this very important device rolling.

With the added benefits of the $100 credit towards your AT&T bill and the speedy turnaround for the update, Nokia, Microsoft and AT&T are really getting things right. Consider this a good weekend already!