WP7 easter egg: Holidays say ‘Hello from Seattle’ in calendar month view

Everyone is pretty fond of how Microsoft greets you every single time you look at the back of your Zune. A friendly “Hello from Seattle” salutes you on the bottom of every Zune device, reminding you who made it. (Always rumored, but never confirmed, to be a slight mock of Apple’s “Designed by Apple in California” on the back of all of their devices.)

Windows Phones didn’t include the inside-joke moniker on any devices. However, that may be about to change.

Allen on Facebook was the first to notice this: in Mango, developer beta 2, special calendar days (like, birthday events or holidays) don’t contain the titles of their respective days — instead, they say “Hello from Seattle.”

For example, let’s say you’re viewing September. If you look day by day or per week, you’ll notice that September 5th is listed as Labor Day. However, if you switch to the entire month view, the day will show the “Hello from Seattle” phrase. It’s a bit small, almost entirely illegible, but it’s there. Matt on Twitter says the phrase actually changes day to day, but we’re not sure of that yet.

So now Windows Phones can greet everyone from Seattle.

UPDATE: Actually this is available on any WP7 OS or build. Pretty cool.

Thanks Allen for finding this! And thanks to Matt for confirming.