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Michael Collado here, signing off…

Dear Zuniteders,

It is with great displeasure that I tell you I will be leaving Zunited and therefore stepping down as Editor In Chief. You probably don’t know me, but I’ve been with Zunited since 2008, where I annoyed everyone and begged to be a moderator. Then I became co-admin (well, first it was assistant admin — then joked as Ass Admin), then I became an actual admin, all the while I was also writing the news and really pushing forward with that aspect because I truly believed Zunited could become a news source.

We’ve done that. Zunited has become a news aggregator but it’s also been a site that has reported breaking news, dating back to the day Gage found different colored flash Zunes in the software. We’ve been the number one Zune podcast (we beat Oprah, folks!). We’ve traveled to CES — thrice! We’ve given out swag, we’ve had a treasure hunt on anniversaries, we’ve had countless reviews, we’ve had columns and opinion content, we’ve added writers, and we’ve been quoted and sourced by the Big Guys. We’ve wrangled up one of the best communities I’ve ever been a part of. We’ve achieved things I never thought were possible for our little site that could… and I couldn’t be any more proud.

And in all that time, I’ve put my heart and soul into Zunited. This website, this news source, this community: it’s my baby. And yet, it never really was mine. It still isn’t. And sadly, that is the reason I must go.

I would love to say that I’m leaving for a new venture or even for less selfish reasons, but that is not the case. I’m leaving because I no longer can continue to put my heart and soul into something that’s not really mine. I love everything about Zunited: I love the people, but I know I will still be in communication with you guys. I love the news, but somehow I will continue to stay well-versed in that aspect. I love the writing, something I do on a daily basis regardless if someone is reading or not. I love making a new theme every 90 days, which I will still fantasize about (I had this idea to make a purple Zunited like Windows 8). But I simply cannot continue. And for that, I apologize.

I’ve gotten in contact with Jared to find someone to dedicate themselves to Zunited. For now, it will continue to be run by the amazing people, writers, and enthusiasts that believe in Zunited as much as I do. And who knows? Maybe under a different circumstance, I will return, and we can continue to churn out news and ignite discussion. And even then, I don’t think I can ever “leave” Zunited. It will always be a part of me, and I’m positive I will always dedicate myself to it if the opportunity arises. But for now, it feels foolish to keep a title I’m not executing in the least.

Until the next adventure…

Michael Collado
Former Zunited Editor In Chief

You can stay in contact with me if you’d like: @MichaelCollado; and my TV-related blog NoWhiteNoise.