Microsoft Acquires Perceptive Pixel Inc.

Img Source:Mashable

Microsoft has just announced that it has acquired Perceptive Pixel, a research, development and production company of multitudinous interfaces. The company is best know for the 82 inch Windows 8 display at MWC. Perceptive Pixel founder claims that the 82 inch display is “The Worlds largest and true multitouch and stylus display,” as noted by the Verge. That is a big improvement to what Microsoft showcased a long time ago when with the Sur 40 that could handle 10 touch inputs.

Img via Engadget The Sur 40 is the second generation Surface table containing Microsoft’s Pixel Sense technology.

Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer called Perceptive Pixels work “Fairly Revolutionary” which can be proven with the National Design Award in the inaugural category of Interaction Design they received from the Smithsonian . In a world in which touch screen displays are becoming significantly more important, Perceptive Pixel Inc is a company Microsoft will put to good use.

Perceptive Pixel Inc. had the following to say abut the acquisition “We are incredibly excited to be working together on our mutual passion to build technologies that enable people to collaborate and communicate.” “By joining Microsoft, we will be able to take advantage of the tremendous momentum of the Microsoft Office Division, tightly interoperate with its products, and deliver this technology to a very broad set of customers.”

Via: the Verge Source:Microsoft