Microsoft announces $10/month Zune Pass: includes music videos, drops 10 MP3s to keep

Microsoft today announced that its Zune Pass will be expanding to Canada, along with a couple of changes to the service.

Effective on October 3rd, 2011, the Zune Pass will be $10 a month and will drop the 10 MP3s to keep model it’s been harboring for quite some time now. Old subscribers will be grandfathered into the $15/month + keep 10 pass if they wish. New subscribers will not have that choice.

However, as long awaited, the new Zune Pass will now include unlimited streaming of music videos in the Zune Marketplace, and users will be able to stream it on their Xbox 360s “later this fall” in both the United States and Canada. One Zune Pass can be used on up to four devices (one PC not included, so more like three other devices).

This marks the third iteration of the Zune Pass since its inception, which first started out as $15/month for just unlimited music streaming. It’s also the cheapest the model has ever been.

Source: ZuneInsider
Via: WMPowerUser