Microsoft at CES 2013: All In One Post


Ballmer loves Qualcomm

Hey Everyone, I’m Darren. Microsoft @ CES 2013 -One Post- Let’s Go.

  • Surface RT gets jail broken and Microsoft seemingly couldn’t be happier.
  • To remind the world they are completely irrelevant, Sprint announced that Windows Phone 8 is finally worth of their dwindling customer base.
  • Surface RT finally gets an update to learn how to properly use it’s audio card 3 months late.
  • Samsung talks about the Odyssey and Ativ S Windows Phones. They are exactly what you expect- curvy and light and reminiscent of an Android phone gone Windows.
  • Everyone and their cousin is launching a Windows 8 tablet to compete with Surface and nothing really quite gets it.
  • Steve Ballmer does a Kanye West impersonation. God Help Us. He talks about Windows Phone and Qualcomm, despite using Tegra in the Surface RT.
  • Razer is doing some AMAZING things with Windows 8 and tablets!
  • All the main blogs are given a Surface Pro striptease by Microsoft, not allowed to say anything except how it felt.
  • Google tried to stick it to Microsoft with a lawsuit and cutting off Windows Phone’s Gmail support. Government laughed in their face and after a heavty settlement Google restores the services to Windows Phone. Don’t mess Google.
  • Microsoft forces me to rearrange my living room AGAIN:


I’m sure there were some things missed but that seems to be all I cared about, shocking I know. Now that said! It is time to put the Redmond Post on the map and start commenting on these stories because trust me I have more to say about each of these!

Time for more posts here so I can link these articles! Time for me to get to work, Darren Holden everyone nice to meet you.