Microsoft brings ‘Jersey Shore’ to your Xbox LIVE avatar

Your Xbox LIVE avatar and MTV’s Jersey Shore have decided to “smush.” That is to say, you can now make your avatar look like the cast of MTV’s biggest reality juggernaut to date.

Shack News reports of the additions to the Avatar Marketplace, including the ability to add The Situation abs, Snooki hair (both $2), and of course a tank top, or JWOWW hoop earrings (both 80 Microsoft Points) to your gaming alter ego.

Other additions include:

  • Snooki leopard dress for 240 points
  • JWOWW black dress for 240 points
  • Pauly D hair for 160 points
  • Grenade whistle for 320 points

Your avatar need not be a grenade any longer — though we can’t help but notice Xbox added everything except the T in GTL.

via WinRumors
image credit: Shack News