Microsoft Favors iOS Over Windows Phone?

Windows Phone users have had to deal with plenty of apps and games arriving late on the platform so you could understand the awesome feeling we get when we see popular apps arrive on the marketplace(Instagram will come to WP soon!). But when it’s a Microsoft first party studio playing favoritism with the other phones, that’s when we feel the betrayal.

Twisted Pixel recently ported a neat little indie game from the Xbox 360 called Ms. SplosionMan. Although the game is not a heavy weight AAA title it is still one of those must own games. I would go as far as calling it the “Mario” of the Xbox 360, that’s how much I enjoyed the game. The sad part about this port is the fact that the iOS version has many more features!

“In the iOS version, available now, you can look forward to this being a new and upgraded experience”

-Twisted Pixel

On the Twisted Pixel website we see some of the major modifications made to the iOS port. Maybe if it were small changes we would have let this slide but when you add 15,000 extra challenges for the iPhone we can’t turn away. Below you will see the actual list of improvements for iPhone/iPad users.

In the iOS version, available now, you can look forward to this being a new and upgraded experience. This iteration of the game features many franchise firsts, such as the introduction of powerups and 1,500 challenges to complete and earn “fame.” The 6 new powerups give Ms. Splosion Man all new ways to splode like slowing down time, nuclear sploding, four splodes, super speed, and more! You’ll need to find and utilize these powerups to mop the floor with the challenges that will be thrown your way, such as racing against speedy ghost replays that were recorded by our elite QA staff.

Again, we understand that there is more money to be made on foreign platforms but with what little we have to brag about, it would be nice if Microsoft could through Windows Phone users a bone every now and then.

You can get Ms. SplosionMan here on the Windows Phone Marketplace. Be warned it only supports WP7 devices. You can also try out Ms. SplosionMan and three other Twisted Pixel games on the Xbox console. Here is a link to the Twisted Bundle; a collection of Twisted Pixel games for only 800 MS points($10.00).


Why isn’t this on Windows 8?