Microsoft introduces My Achievements for Xbox Live Users

My Achievements has just launched at the My Xbox Rewards website!

My Xbox Rewards

If you don’t know what My Xbox Rewards is here is a quick rundown. My Xbox Rewards basically rewards Xbox live users with free cash back in the form of Microsoft Points for their dedication to the Xbox brand. My Xbox Rewards members can easily pick up Microsoft Points by simple objectives like taking a monthly survey, buying items on the Xbox Marketplace, renewing your gold account and by doing other tedious things. Now don’t go ahead and quit your day job just yet, the amount of cash back is abysmal at best. Still, it is better than receiving nothing and overtime those rewards can help you afford a new DLC or Xbox Live Arcade game.

My Achievements

My Achievements is another prize to the Xbox elite. With the added rewards section, My Achievements rewards Xbox Live users based on the amount of Gamer Points one has. A score between 3,000 through 9,999 will give you the rank of a “Contender”, scores between 10,000 and 24,999 will give you the rank of “Champion”, and finally anything above a 25,000 Gamerscore will give you the rank of “Legend”. The Contender rank gives you a mysterious reward on your birthday. The champion rank will give you the lower ranks reward as well a 1% rebate. The Legend rank will give you the same as the Contender along with the added benefit of a 2% rebate. As you can see in the image provided below, I am in the Champion rank and as appealing as that 1% rebate sounds (le sigh), I am more interested in the mystery surprise that will be activated around my birthday.

So what do you Xbox fans think of the added My Achievements perk? It’s free and although it isn’t much, I like getting those emails every month telling me how my rewards are piling up. You can get to the My Rewards site by clicking on this link. Any opinions? For more Xbox news follow and like Zunited on Facebook and Twitter.